Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is COLLAPSING!

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is COLLAPSING!

Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Stephen Gardner update on the Russia Ukraine war news as well as the Israel Gaza situation. They discussed various geopolitical issues in the current global landscape. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s claims that Putin and Russia could be behind attacks on Israel raise questions about the motivation behind these statements—whether to demonize Putin, shift attention to Ukraine, or hold any truth. Despite millions of Ukrainians fleeing, and 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed or injured, Zelensky remains confident in winning the war against Putin, prompting speculation about his true beliefs or potential use of acting skills.

Concerns about NATO’s influence on Zelensky’s decisions arise, particularly in the context of ongoing war dynamics. General Michael Flynn’s prior investigation into military money laundering, coupled with the Pentagon’s admission of an inability to account for $3 trillion, raises questions about financial transparency in military operations. Zelensky’s claims of multiple assassination attempts and statements about Ukraine’s right to take out Putin are scrutinized for their accuracy and potential impact on the conflict.

The escalation of drone attacks on Kiev by Russia prompts considerations about the frequency of capital attacks in ongoing conflicts and the potential motivations behind such actions. The aftermath of the October 7 attack on Israel raises concerns about increased threats to US military bases worldwide as the Israel-Gaza situation persists.

Saudi Arabia’s warning to wake up the Middle East against Israel if attacks continue is evaluated for its credibility and potential consequences. Retired Army Colonel Karl Nell’s call for transparency in government, CIA, and UFO programs adds an unconventional dimension to the conversation, questioning the existence of secret knowledge and off-world technology.

The age of military leadership comes under scrutiny as the discussion shifts to the potential risks of an 81-year-old commander in chief leading the military. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement on hostage negotiations prompts inquiries into the participants and negotiation terms. Senator Lindsay Graham’s aggressive stance on attacking Iran and supporting Israel raises concerns about his influence on military decisions and the potential for a larger Middle East war due to Israel’s actions in Gaza.

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Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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