DISASTER: War Declared On Israel As Congress Fights Over Money (World War 3)

The GOP proposed a new $14.3 billion aid package for Israel, funded by cuts to the IRS. The White House called it a “nonstarter” and break from bipartisan precedent. A conservative group forced the National Archives to release info on Biden’s private email aliases as VP, showing 82,000 pages of emails. Hillary Clinton disagreed with Biden’s push for a Hamas ceasefire, arguing it would help Hamas rebuild. A federal judge demanded Biden stop dismantling Texas border fencing, facilitating unlawful immigration.

Yemen declared war on Israel over Gaza, firing missiles. Autoworkers reached a deal for a 25% raise over 4 years; Biden touted it as pro-middle class. Trump bashed the judge who gag-ordered him in an election interference trial, calling her biased. A new book claims Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson for arrogance.

Elon Musk told Joe Rogan he believes Soros “hates humanity” for funding DAs who don’t prosecute crime, more impactful than funding politicians. Former Trump official Kash Patel accused the DOJ of spying on him while he investigated Russian collusion, improperly obtaining his records from Google. He says he caught them “red-handed” weaponizing justice for political vengeance.

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Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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