Ex-CIA: Zelensky’s UNTHINKABLE reaction to Israel-Palestine crisis

World News

This discussion between Stephen Gardner and former CIA Larry Johnson covers the recent violence between Israel and Hamas. These two men also discuss the Ukraine Russia War update. The analyst argues the U.S. is hypocritical for supporting Israel after initially empowering Iran through past weapons sales and cash payments. He explains the complex history of U.S. and Israeli relations with Iran and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah over past decades. The analyst is highly critical of hawkish U.S. politicians advocating bombing Iran, arguing it would be an extraordinarily dangerous move that could expose the U.S. as a “paper tiger.” He believes Israel likely did not have prior warning of Hamas’ attacks, despite some theories Netanyahu allowed it to galvanize public support. The analyst warns Israel’s threatened invasion of Gaza could parallel Nazi failures in WWII battles like Stalingrad. He argues a Gaza invasion and indiscriminate bombing of civilians could provoke massive outrage in the Muslim world. Overall, the analyst cautions that emotions run high in this conflict and nuclear escalation, while unlikely from rational actors like Putin, is more conceivable from cornered hotheads in the Israel-Arab conflict.

Credit Stephen Gardner

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