Israeli Ground Operations Begin in Gaza as Wider US-led Regional War Looms

Update on the conflict in the Middle East for November 1, 2023

– Israel begins ground operations in Gaza;
– In addition to incursions in the north along the Mediterranean Sea and north of Gaza City, there is now Israeli forces moving to cut Gaza City off from the rest of the southern strip;
– This will isolate Hamas and other fighters giving Israel the advantage logistically and in terms of attrition;
– Israel’s tempo is slower than previous operations like 2008-2009 Cast Lead which had lasted only 3 weeks;
– Israel may attempt to wait out Hamas rather than fight it directly and immediately;
– The slower tempo may mitigate domestic political unrest resulting from mounting Israeli losses;
– The US continues its military build-up in the region along with its attempt to frame Iran as responsible for the ongoing conflict;
– Long-standing documented US policy papers admit the US seeks to provoke war with Iran and considers Israel a viable proxy in order to do so;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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