Most SPACIOUS MWB Van Interior For Vanlife: Supermarket Delivery Van Conversion

DIY CamperVan Conversion

Our goal for this van build was to create a camper that could handle the arctic winter and allow us to live comfortably while we explore the frozen north. An important part of this was having plenty of space in the living area so we don’t feel cooped up on the long cold winter nights. However, we didn’t want to give up the benefits of a medium wheelbase van. We were hoping that the square walls of this ex-Sainsbury’s supermarket delivery van might make a difference when compared to the sloped walls of a panel van, and spoiler alert, they really do! We start the interior build in this week’s video and are blown away by how much we can fit in this van and how spacious it feels! As always, we have a laugh and Jon has a special delivery which makes him very happy but leaves him with some making up to do. Lets get cracking!

Credit True Blue Travellers

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