Piers Morgan vs HasanAbi On Palestine-Israel Conflict and War | The Full Interview

Israel-Hamas war and the historical conflict between Palestine and Israel

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Twitch streamer and political commentator HasanAbi aka Hasan Piker to debate and discuss the Israel-Hamas war and the historical conflict between Palestine and Israel. They also discuss whether Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack is proportionate and whether Israel have committed war crimes against the people of Gaza.

Piers asks Hasan about his comments on the strike that hit a hospital in Gaza with the initial reports suggesting it was an Israeli strike, and his condemnation of Israel for the attack before confirmation. Hasan agrees that with more news coming out, you cannot say for certain it was Israel but lists out his evidence for why he believes its more likely Israel did strike that hospital than didn’t.

Hasan then goes on to clarify his comments about the October 7th attack, explaining that when you mistreat and contain millions of Palestinians in Gaza, which he calls an ‘open-air prison’, there will be people who act out terribly.

They then discuss whether the Israeli response is justified and proportionate after the attacks. Hasan believes this is simply a case of collective punishment for innocent civilians and that Israel has committed multiple war crimes, including the killing of children as well as cutting off the water, aid and electricity to the people within Gaza.
Credit to : Piers Morgan Uncensored

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