‘Taken over by Brussels’: Irish Politicians ‘don’t care’ what the People Think

‘Taken over by Brussels’: Irish politicians ‘don’t care’ what the people think

Author Michael Walsh says Ireland has “lost” its sovereignty and has been “taken over by Brussels” as Irish politicians cite European Union laws over Irish sovereignty.

The Constitution of Ireland recognises that EU law is superior to all national law and is the only body which can pass laws regarding competition rules in the single market, monetary policy in the Eurozone, and international trade agreements, among others.

“As I used to joke … during the Australian lockdown, once a penal colony, always a penal colony; and Ireland, once a slave state of the British, always a slave state,” Mr Walsh told Sky News Australia.

“In this case, we substituted 700 years of slavery under England, for a few years, a few decades of freedom, and then rushed back into the embrace of new slavers – they live in Belgium.

“Who had Ireland gets taken over by Brussels on their bingo card?

“Irish politicians now are wholly employed by the European Union, so they don’t care what the Irish people think – they answer … to the EU and Belgium and they are constantly citing EU laws over Irish sovereignty.”
Credit to : Sky News Australia

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