The World WON’T Believe China’s New Infrastructure

China’s new Infrastructure

In this video, we take a look at China’s new infrastructure and how it’s far surpassing America’s in terms of design and construction. China’s amazing infrastructure is making America jealous, and the world won’t believe it!

This is Guangzhou’s new line 18 part of it’s massive metro system. How does it compare to New York’s subway? well it’s simply uncomparable. America just can’t compete.

China has been building an absolutely stunning amount of new infrastructure over the past few years, and the world is just won’t believe it. From bridges to highways to airports, China is doing an amazing job of making a mark on the world stage.

From the massive bridges to the world’s fastest railways, China is putting the US to shame with its amazing new infrastructure. If you’re a fan of infrastructure projects, then this video is definitely for you!

Credit to : Living in China

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