Col. Macgregor Shares BOMBSHELL Intel on UKRAINE and ISRAEL!

Update on the Ukraine Russia war and the Isreal Palestine Conflict

Colonel Douglas Macgregor gives a news update on the Ukraine Russia war and the Isreal Palestine conflict with Stephen Gardner. Incidents in Russia involving Israeli travelers met by a group allegedly hostile to Jews, sparking worries about potential sleeper cells formed by displaced Arabs in various countries. This story ended up being a lie. Belarus President Lukashenko’s call to cease fighting in Ukraine, raising questions about his stance regarding Putin’s interests and whether it’s a betrayal or wise observation. Speculation on Putin’s health and its impact on the war in Ukraine, with conflicting reports on his well-being. Questions about U.S. intelligence support for Israel, concerns about funding multiple wars, and whether the Treasury Secretary’s statement reflects confidence in financial support or is merely bluffing. The Israeli Defense Forces’ decision for a slower ground attack on Hamas in Gaza, prompting discussions about the strategy’s appropriateness.
Considerations regarding Israel’s diplomatic capabilities amid heightened emotions in the region.

Analysis of potential interventions by Turkey and Jordan in the Israel-Gaza conflict and Ukraine’s challenges in maintaining alliances amid multiple fronts. Assessment of potential threats to Israel, including the perceived danger posed by the Turkish military. The recent altercation between a U.S. B-52 bomber and a Chinese fighter jet and the motivations behind such encounters, raising questions of intimidation and provocation between the two nations. Reports of Chinese warships in the Persian Gulf, prompting speculation about whether their presence is related to safeguarding interests or aimed at intimidating Israel.

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Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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