You WON’T BELIEVE What they JUST DID To Trump | Roger Stone

What they JUST DID To Trump

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In the interview, Roger Stone discusses various political issues and concerns with Stephen Gardner. He reflects on his controversial political persona, noting that his strategies and support for Donald Trump have made him a target for those on the left. Stone shares insights on legal battles, particularly those involving Trump and potential attempts to prevent him from running for president. He believes there is a concerted effort to undermine Trump’s candidacy in various states. The conversation delves into the challenges of ballot access, highlighting issues faced by candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. when running as independents.

Stone expresses concerns about bias within the judiciary, especially regarding cases involving Trump’s eligibility to run. He discusses the political landscape, the potential for Michelle Obama as a future candidate, the complexities of running as an independent, and the difficulties of challenging the two-party system. The interview touches on polling data, which, according to Stone, reflects a division between pro-Trump and anti-Trump sentiments, rather than genuine support for Biden.

The conversation also addresses the challenges facing candidates aiming for presidential runs, including complexities in the ballot access process and legal battles to gain recognition. Stone encourages people to visit his website for more information and shares details about his radio show on WABC. The interview concludes with well wishes and gratitude for Stone’s time.

Overall, the conversation delves into the challenges faced by political candidates, legal complexities in running for office, concerns about biases in the judicial system, and the political climate surrounding potential presidential contenders.
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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